Dennis Wong of YOR Health changed my life. But, I am getting ahead of myself. Before I can explain how Dennis Wong and YOR Health came into the picture, I need to explain where I was and what I discovered that convinced me to give the company’s supplements a shot.

About six months ago, I decided I had to “get real” with myself.  I was pushing 30, had just welcomed our second child, and was 35 pounds heavier than when we got married in 2008. While I was happy with my life as a wife and mother, it seemed like I wasn’t really there as much as I should be. Also, I was living in leggings and yoga pants.

I called my girlfriend Christie, crying that I needed to feel like me again. Christie is a Beachbody coach, and she set me up with a three-week-long workout schedule and protein powder shake. It wasn’t for me.

I gave up after day 9.

But to the point of how I met Dennis Wong and YOR Health. Three months ago I flew out to California for a wedding. An old friend was there, too, and she looked great. I asked her what her secret was (half expecting to hear she’d had a tummy tuck) and she said it was her health supplements. A company co-founded by a guy named Dennis Wong, YOR Health, that sold health supplements online was her big secret.

Dennis Wong? YOR Health? I had never heard of them.

I googled “Dennis Wong YOR Health supplements” and came across the website, Former NFL player Tim Brown, I found out, is the company’s Chief Athletic Advisor. Digging a little deeper, Dennis Wong has a YOR Health Scientific Advisory Board. Dr. McColgan has a medical degree from Boston University. Dr. Bookwalter graduated from Harvard. I would say those are some pretty good credentials as far as having the products researched and backed by science.

Something else I thought was neat is that Dennis Wong hosts YOR Health challenges throughout the year. YOR Best Body is like a public forum where customers can share their real experiences in real time. I love all the transparency here, but do the products actually work?

Yes. Yes, they do. I know that now! But why? I’m a sucker for details so maybe I can shed some light on what makes them work better than, say, something from your local drugstore. It all comes down to how well they are absorbed in the body – also the quality of the fruits, vegetables, and nutrition that are in the supplements. Dennis Wong says YOR Health started out as a personal quest to reclaim his own health. Everything YOR Health makes is formulated to be digested and absorbed (most vitamins are only partially absorbed, apparently). A little further reading reveals that supplements, such as YOR SuperGreens, actually contain probiotics, at the insistence of Dennis Wong. YOR Health products are also packed with something called YOR NDS, which is the company’s own patented blend of enzymes that ensures maximum absorption.

The most important thing I have learned from listening to Dennis Wong is YOR Health products are actually very simple, and that’s what the body needs. Simple, easy to digest and absorb nutrition. Something I also found interesting is all of the testimonials from people who, like Dennis Wong, use YOR Health products every day. I read several from people who had lost 100 pounds or more.

I have one thing to say to Dennis Wong: YOR Health has been exposed (get it, the website name!?). I’ve shared it with all of my friends. My entire family. YOR Health should be exposed. It should be shared with the world because if a few supplements can bring a tired stay at home mom like me back to life, they can surely do wonders for everyone else.

Update: I finally got to meet Dennis Wong at a YOR Health event in LA last week (flew in to see the friend who had gotten married). I was so excited to share my story with him!